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Lead Generation

When it comes to acquiring high quality leads that will turn into valuable clients and customers, email is one of the most powerful marketing tools available by helping to drive quality traffic to your business. At Silverlake Media, we’ve unlocked the secrets of lead generation and customer acquisition, and we’re ready to share them with you. We will make your emails stand out from your competitors’ with simple but effective tactics that will boost open rates and produce the ROI you are looking for.

Unlocking the Secrets
Lead generation is a critical step for increasing your customer base. Silverlake Media can help you by providing highly effective email marketing campaigns to target prospective consumers interested in your product or service and to generate sales opportunities for your company. Silverlake Media only delivers legal email sends to generate your leads as our mailers are always CAN-SPAM compliant.

Product Sales

Product sales generated via email require an enterprise level of hosting and development. We provide the website design and a turn-key format proven to cut up-front costs and maximize sales.

Product Information
We can also help with providing fulfillment, customer service, acquiring product, high risk credit card processing and the CRM platform needed to coordinate all the moving parts.

Agency Services

Do you have internal marketing resources but need a helping hand with determining where to drive your marketing going forward? Our strategic services are designed to help you pinpoint where you can drive your digital marketing based on current trends.

About Marketing Services
From auditing your current marketing efforts to developing lead generation and sales strategies, Silverlake Media has the resources to push your long-term marketing efforts in the right direction.

Sometimes companies need to outsource most or all of their marketing. Silverlake Media Inc can operate all of your organization’s strategic planning and tactical implementation. Do you have a major marketing priority like lead generation or product sales? Let Silverlake Media Inc take your email & social media marketing campaigns to the next level.

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